What To Know About BOLI Today

April 26th, 2018

Bank-owned life insurance is a common tool that helps financial institutions offset the costs of employee benefits, and boards should review the BOLI program every year. Steve Marlow and Kelly Earls of Bank Compensation Consulting explain what boards should know about BOLI, including the impact of tax reform.

  • Why Banks Purchase BOLI
  • Evaluating Existing Programs
  • Impact of Bank Size on BOLI Options
  • How Tax Reform Will Affect BOLI

Steven Marlow, CPA, MAcc, has more than 20 years of experience consulting with banks. He joined Bank Compensation Consulting in order to ensure that bank decision–makers have the proper understanding, appropriate design and correct implementation of their program. 


Kelly Earls is a principal at Bank Compensation Consulting. He has advised bank clients in the areas of Customized Nonqualified Benefits and Bank-Owned Life Insurance since 1996.