Integration: Keeping The Best

April 16th, 2019

Bank leadership teams that approach an acquisition with an open mind will have the best odds for successfully integrating the target, says Kim Snyder of KBS Results. In this video, she shares the three most common misconceptions held by acquirers. She also outlines how banks should communicate to employees and customers about an acquisition, and explains how to approach technology integration—so acquirers can ensure the target’s customers stay with the merged institution.

  • Common Misconceptions
  • Communicating to Employees
  • Explaining Benefits to Customers
  • Getting Technology Integration Right



Kim Snyder is the president and founder of KBS Results LLC, a management consulting firm which focuses on the financial institutions sector. KBS has assisted community bank clients with projects such as strategic planning, M&A preparedness, M&A due diligence, M&A integration, virtual finance and accounting, enterprise risk management, report management and process improvements.