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Legal Issue 2015

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In the inaugural digital issue, Bank Director describes how to protect yourself from liability on a bank board, how the role of a chief compliance officer has changed, and the challenges of banking the marijuana industry. Plus, this issue includes a Q&A with John Hairston at Hancock Holding Company, and how to bullet proof your M&A deal. Issue Brought to You by:


Banking on Marijuana

A few intrepid banks have begun to service the marijuana industry. But could federal law be their undoing?


The New Chief of Compliance

Chief compliance officers have a more important role to play than ever before.


What Can Go Wrong With Your Insurance Coverage

If you haven't looked at your directors and officers policy in years, it may be time.


Bullet-Proofing Your M&A Deal

Almost all M&A deals above $100 million in value result in shareholder lawsuits.