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Talent Issue 2015

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This issue includes stories on recruiting millennials to banking, pay trends to watch, succession planning, and perks for executives and board members. The issue also includes interviews with Daryl Byrd, the president and CEO of acquisitive IBERIABANK Corp., and Terry Turner, the president and CEO of Pinnacle Financial Partners. Issue Brought to You by:


Recruiting Millennials

The banking industry needs to improve its reputation with today's 20-somethings and early 30-somethings.


The Executive Pay Minefield

Balancing the needs of shareholders and regulators is fraught with challenges.


Getting Succession Planning Right

A lot of bank boards struggle with succession planning. The Bryn Mawr Trust Co. decided to get started early.


Goodbye Perks

Bank directors and officers are paid more, but get fewer perks such as use of the corporate jet.