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Bank Director magazine focuses on issues fundamental to a bank’s CEO, senior leadership team, chairman and independent directors.  The quarterly print edition, and the digital edition published eight times a year, provides readers with the tools necessary to successfully handle the growth and governance challenges impacting boards.

2017 Editorial Year At A Glance

January | Print Edition
Bank M&A Survey
In this research report, we look at the trends that are driving the merger and acquisition market and how continued consolidation is changing the banking industry.

February | Digital Edition
Regulation Issue

This issue explores the changing face of regulation for banks and helps boards adapt.

March | Digital Edition
Cybersecurity Issue

This Cybersecurity Issue serves as a resource for bank boards, who have specific requirements that other industries don’t have.

April | Print Edition
Risk Practices Survey

What are the latest developments in risk management, including cybersecurity, credit quality and the evolution of the chief risk officer? This research report digs into these issues and more.

May| Digital Edition
Great Ideas in Banking Issue

We profile some of the most innovative and successful banks in the country with an eye toward lessons they could teach the rest of the industry

June | Digital Edition
Fintech Issue

We explore the crucial task of incorporating financial technology to provide better service to customers.

July | Print Edition
Compensation Survey

This issue contains our annual research survey of compensation related trends, including incentive-based pay, the most recent regulatory developments and the challenges of developing and retaining talented employees.

August | Digital Edition
M&A Issue

The theme of this issue revolves around strategies for doing successful M&A, avoiding pitfalls and assessing the results.

September | Digital Edition
Talent Issue

This issue explores the relationship between pay and performance, and how you can ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

October | Print Edition
Technology Survey
Technology has increasingly become a board level concern for banks of all sizes. This research report looks at a variety of issues including the need to become more efficient and the board’s own comfort level with technology.

November | Digital Edition
Governance Issue

We will tell you how governance is different on bank boards than many other industries and ways to improve your bank’s governance practices.

December | Digital Edition
What's Ahead Issue

This end-of-the-year issue looks ahead to trends to watch for in 2018 and the biggest risks for bank boards.

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